Sand and Stones



I put you onto paper

because my mind cannot fold

into that which makes glass into sand

I ask you not to kill me slowly

with kindness

etched in-between the stones

hidden beneath a stare

that says so much

breaking my skin

down to the bone

You see…

I am exposed

so be done with me quickly

let the delicate transparent glass

shatter into two even parts

One made from tomorrow

and one from yesterday

so all that remains

is a silent now

floating upwards

out of view

and I may rest


away from those

seeking sand to run along






When you finally answer

with what you want

rather than what you think they need

you will finally see

the winds of freedom

lift up the trees

watered with blood

from your fast beating heart


Now you will only shed salt from your eyes 


For nature intended

everyone to see

the cracks they make

with the words they say

and hopefully learn

not to treat you this way


World Gone Mad


Patience my Dear

in a world gone mad


when fireworks light

a daytime sky

and teachers go

to work at night


educating minds

through a dreamless sleep

with wisdom to share

and secrets to keep


rock me back and forth

like a lullaby child

who chisels on the ear

of a faceless smile


the one my mother bought

with a mouthless tongue

and no hands to spare

for the grocery run


I’m sorry you were

not good enough

for climbers of trees

and girls who played rough


sink with me now

and enjoy the conversation

three words, two woes

and one startling revelation