When the Sun streams through the cracks in our curtains

you stare at my lips as though they were made from lollipops

and your nose lingers over my hair

Bubble-gum Fairy Floss,

the kind you can only find at the fair


Your hands melt my skin

for I’ve been in your Sun for too long

and you swallow me whole

like a greedy child

in some corner candy store


The Rainbow at the end of the World ~A poem for today~


I weathered my woeful spirit

when they screamed hate and chanted your name

Their eyes are eyes that have never seen

the end of the world

and how it never gave one thought

about colour, tone or shade.


The world simply makes Rainbows for you to follow

Did you not hear the story?

The one that promised you a pot of gold at the end?

You have refused the treasure so dear to me

The one freely shared to those

who step beyond the clouds to see.


I weathered my woeful spirit

when blood stained the streets

and screams echoed from sidewalks

and tears made the rivers bow down in defeat


This waterfall has no name

For it is a travelling, untamed beast

No Nation

No Flag

Just a wave, washing over the land

and it never gave one thought

about colour, tone or shade.



One sentence was all it took

And I sometimes wonder

what colour paint might have coloured my days

if you had seen more

then what the world had taught you to see

All I wanted was to read you a poem

The topic: Forgiveness

I see Irony laughing at me now

but irony is lost on ten year olds

who loved language from the start

the way words made melodies

All she wanted was to show you the song

that surrounded her heart

Smoking cigarettes on the porch 

afternoon sun fading

I think you didn’t know it was poison that you offered

so blindly





Dear Friend


You stand there

 I can see you waiting

You wish for me to say that I do not see

the glossy eyes and sunken cheeks

Years of pressure keeping you there

Sinking into the silk sheets

Your perfect bed of despair


I wish that I could stay

and melt the past away

but my fire cannot catch

that which does not exist

There is no wicker for this flame

no fuel to turn your demons to ash


Wade into the water of your tears

Let the waves toss you about

Be done with the days

For they were done with you long ago

Just some distant land you didn’t know you had sold


Dry yourself with your hands

but know that it will take a while

So just lie in the sand and leave a print

worthy of my shore



I waited until dawn for you to tell me

that you loved me more than the monsters under your bed

But those are just words

and  I expected too much

from a ghost

posing as a living man

Make me a living doll

without nails and screws

to hold all my parts together

Breathe life into me

Let me walk without crutches

Paint me skin without the stitches

Bathe me in blood and call it red water

I will believe every lie that you tell me

If you meet me at dawn

at that beach

you know the one



When the News comes on


When the News comes on

and they stare with bunny rabbit eyes

at the world falling apart

I dare them to run

right into the fire


Have they not entered already?

Have they not felt the burn-

-the melting of skin under shallow words of woe?

When they say that word

the one starting with a ‘T’

I sigh and make myself a cup of Tea

and I wade into the morning sun

soaking up the unburdened air 


A morning  without words to pave the way

One that does not promise a woeful day