A worthy palette


The magnificent aesthetic

does move back and forth

ebbing and flowing

like a song

and a dance

The droplets in my mind did drip the ails of time

and yet

I grasped the cloth of freedom

and wiped the wet away

How pristine it looks now


Oh the many things I can paint

on this bare



surface of mine

The potential for colour

ignites a feeling

a jolt

not felt in years

Oh how I thought those tears would drown me

Oh how I thought the years would end quickly

I thought my story was a purposeless palette

What a picture I have made now!

this movie

this song

projected on the cinema screen

And it does not matter anymore

if I’m the only one in line

if only one ticket is sold

It does not make my movie unworthy of Time’s reward

and it does not make my time wasted behind the camera







How to be creative when you know you’re crap at it


I have a solid belief that everyone should be creative at some point in their lives. Being creative is such a wonderful thing. It allows you do go a little crazy and reveal the fact that we are all a little unusual.

Who knows what kind of words will find themselves onto the page of your first poem, or what colors and shapes will make up your first painting. Most people shy away from being creative due to one simple fact: They think they’re crap at it.

Maybe your art teacher told you that. Maybe you looked at the world around you and thought “some people are so brilliant, I can never be like that”.

Here’s the secret guys. You are like that!

Art is the most subjective thing on the planet. I’ve only just realized that it doesn’t matter if someone thinks my drawing or my poem is horrible. I think I’m pretty great because no one can create what I create. My art is an expression of myself, my story.

I’m not published. None of my pictures hang in museums. No one of “importance” knows my name. But Goddammit I am an artist. I am a poet.

And you can be one too.