A Change in the Weather


It is amazing how the seasons change

when you give up feeling burdened by the rain

when you let the sky spill its wrath upon your face

and embrace the rage like a friend who went away

when the steam from your skin

speaks the fire of your bones

singing long forgotten volumes

in seasonal tones


Midnight Garden


Roses become alien in the moonlight

for how could they be of this earth?

when every curve of every petal

turns into a star – hiding secrets of the past

The light of something once alive 

now dead

reaches out

forming silvery lines


Like fingers pointing through the darkness

directing me towards this midnight garden

Rivers of grass become luminescent caverns

hidden deep beneath the sea

Tiny moths circle the air without direction

becoming glittery figures surfing the twelve ‘o’ clock wave


Leaves fall to the ground

like comets folding into the dirt


and with the ease

of a summer night’s breeze