Complex Systems



We are complex systems

swimming in and out

of complex lives

growing with the sun

and falling with the tide

and when I no longer breathe

I will be given back to the sea

and the stars

and the grass beneath my feet

so do not linger in your grief

complex systems were made to leave


-nothing is permanent 

At Court


I am not a Princess

I am the Queen of all my days

and the King of all the time that is left

for I do not bow to Fools

or laugh at the Jester who impedes my way

I walk this day as one walks in grass


sunken feet into the dirt

green shards between my toes

and I know that I am home

Midnight Sea


I track sand into my bed

creating an ocean in my dreams

turning salt water to silk

and waves into window curtains


They toss back and forth

with the midnight tide

sending me through the horizon

and a veil of closing eyes


I sink into the clouds

and fall through the breeze

becoming a multitude of waves

washing the shore away