River of Wind


I walk down the river of wind

expecting to drown

and yet

I find myself being carried by the day

like an angel made from clouds

holding my hand

guiding me down the stream

I stop and rest

at the bed of the river

smelling flowers and weeds

beautiful and indistinguishable

and so I start to arrange them

into new forms

new combinations for the world to see



Angel Spells


I am the peace

the gentle wave of silent days

that linger

after winds have worn me away


I cry

for the tired words from tired women

who will run to their graves

staring in the mirror


I cast you out!

like a spell

stolen from an angel

who fell

when God suggested her shine

did not shine as bright

as all the other stars at night


and I thank her for her wings

without contemplating the colour

or shape

or age…


-or how far they will take me..

Girl Talk


Girl talk is not about what we say to other girls

It is about what we say to ourselves

It is what happens when we see mostly mirrors

and stitch words into our skin

as though we were taught

right from the beginning

to wear the whispers of other people

I’ll Remember


I’ll remember how I wanted to tell you everything

rummaging around in my head

I’ll remember the crumbs I gave you

and the tears that threatened to shed

I’ll remember how I locked it all away

and let you speak instead


-Mother & Daughter in the café

Call me by your name: Film Review



Directed by Luca Guadagnino

Starring Timothee Chalamet & Armie Hammer

 ‘Call me by your name’ is a film that is so terrifically human. I was both a witness and a participant while watching this film. I do not think I have ever watched a film more authentic than this.

Nothing we say in life is ever neatly composed or free from the constraints of human imperfection. I feel as though movies have taught us that everything worth saying should be composed neatly and those who speak in the tidiest of sentences are models for us all. This is a disservice to what it means to be ‘real’. The characters in this film speak as one usually speaks in their daily life, unscripted and unrehearsed; the epitome of ‘real’.

In this film, even when words are hardly spoken, the actors say everything that needs to be said with a frustrated ruffle of the hair or a look that screams more than a hundred love songs could ever dream to convey. This film taught me that as humans, we are all a little bit unusual and our own behaviour often shocks and shames us. All we want is to be loved and accepted for our authentic selves.

How lovely it is to have found a movie that dares to adress what might happen to us, if we too find the courage to expose our souls, naked and flawed. Perhaps this film will inspire a few people to realize that honesty, pain and love are always worth it.

By Rebecca Julie