Friendly Fire


It is amazing how quickly confidence dies

on the edge of a word

or a co-workers sigh

there is a concealed knife behind every curve

that forms on the edge of a mouth

a deceitful grin to draw you in


The daily battle is not drawn for me

and yet I find myself ahead of the regiment


my hands with no arms to bare

for I gave up weapons long ago

when I lunged forward to find a sword through my feet

and a gun under my chin


And so

still, I fall for the liar’s grin

that calls me friend

and reels me in again


Beauty & Starvation


If you have nothing at all then you have nothing to lose.

This is the flawed philosophy I carry around like a tonne of bricks tied to my back. I don’t believe I willingly choose this state of thinking. Sometimes thoughts simply become you – a result of all your experiences.

Are we not the total sum of everything that made us? (or unmade us?)

I saw a picture last night of a young boy. His skin was practically touching bone and his eyes were deep black pools. It was as if no soul existed behind his face. Like it had been sucked away by circumstance.

We are all born into different circumstances.

I was born into a circumstance where food was given to me as comfort, and eyes were given to make me uncomfortable.

He was born into a circumstance where food was rarely given, and I’m sure that is more uncomfortable than the unhappiness I feel when I look into the mirror.

I think about food and what it’ll do to my hips.

For a long time I never truly considered the millions of souls dragging their hips along the dirt, gasping for breath.

I wonder about the tears they would shed if shown my local grocery store. I also wonder about the reflections I stop to stare at in every mirror of every store. How I examine every curve, every line, every fold.

And lastly, I think about how I never stop to consider, the beauty of a nourished soul.