Window Glitter


The way you walk

mirrors your talk;

a being dancing on window glitter.

Streams of light,

beaming gleefully at the end of a Spring day,

warming my feet

and lightly touching my sleeve.

But you are not real

my Springtime love,

who only exists in my waking dreams.

You are the shadow of the Sun,


floating through my fingers,


and yet unseen.

Midnight Garden


Roses become alien in the moonlight

for how could they be of this earth?

when every curve of every petal

turns into a star – hiding secrets of the past

The light of something once alive 

now dead

reaches out

forming silvery lines


Like fingers pointing through the darkness

directing me towards this midnight garden

Rivers of grass become luminescent caverns

hidden deep beneath the sea

Tiny moths circle the air without direction

becoming glittery figures surfing the twelve ‘o’ clock wave


Leaves fall to the ground

like comets folding into the dirt


and with the ease

of a summer night’s breeze









Today’s Thought


Meditation changed my life. If you haven’t tried it or think its hippy dippy nonsense then you will never understand the relief that comes from escaping yourself for 30 minutes. The first time I meditated, I woke to discover that the person I thought I was never truly existed. At 25 years old I met myself for the first time.



There’s an invisible barrier

separating my skin from the warm caress of this Thursday afternoon

A shield to guard the realm of my infinite body

the one inside that sometimes sneaks out to play under the summertime sun

One that kisses the molecules of water

rising unbeknownst to most men

I shyly embrace the flowers between my toes

as  though they had snuck here in a sinister manner

like the neighbour boy

through a window

trying not to be seen

My feet and hands walk the wooden stairs to my manicured garden

turning away from the freshly trimmed grass to admire the weeds

and watch I will

the wavering clouds that say goodbye with such delight

They will not rain down today

and wash away this infinite girl who glides through the day

as one glides on ice