I don’t want to spend money

I want to spend time with you

playing games like they use to

in those movies

from the eighties

when a song and a hairstyle fixed everything


I want to drink wine and talk about the wind



how it feels against your face

I don’t want to spend money

I want to spend my life looking

around at all the places

zooming in


on all the smiles that we made


Endless Friend


My endless friend will surely be there

when my breath is almost spent

We will laugh at all the fun we never had

when lingering in our thoughts instead

Lying on my bed

eyes closed and yet awake

something always unspoken

and tears, always waiting to be shed


There is nothing unique about us

and yet we are completely original

in the way our journey’s met

and the path we paved from then

The way we seemed to always leave

and always return again


My forever friend is sealed to me

for I stitched her into my skin

making us part of the same outfit

worn by many

tossed, tumbled and torn

yet never going out of style

never unsuitable for any event


We are an infinite lie

told on television screens

two souls

one hand

flicking through the channels

and never stopping long enough

to see an episode’s end


How imperfect we are

my friend whom I nearly lost

over and over again

who I know will surely be there

when my breath is almost spent





There is a joy of sisters

who know both the Sun and the Moon of our soul

and the constellations of our mind

Who breathe the light that radiates from our eyes

and grieve with us the death of a smile

Who know the beauty of a teardrop

falling gently on a naked shoulder

The salty sting to bind them in

an embrace only felt by sculptures

 moulded side by side



My butterfly blue dress

turns me into a princess

in a world where it’s better to be the bad girl

Where black eyes and a foul grin

deserve attention

receive admiration

The mysterious tempting woman with a dark side

A vision of struggle

how clearly you have suffered



I have many sides

both the Sun and Moon have seen

I have scars

I’m a complicated scribble

made with the precision of a first graders hand

My feet have callouses

from years of walking through

the rocks of expectation you laid before my feet


So today I will wear a butterfly blue dress

and plump pink lip gloss

My hair will be pulled back to reveal

eyes that have escaped the thick shadow

And I’ll feel like a princess

with today’s promise bowing before my feet

Dear Friend


You stand there

 I can see you waiting

You wish for me to say that I do not see

the glossy eyes and sunken cheeks

Years of pressure keeping you there

Sinking into the silk sheets

Your perfect bed of despair


I wish that I could stay

and melt the past away

but my fire cannot catch

that which does not exist

There is no wicker for this flame

no fuel to turn your demons to ash


Wade into the water of your tears

Let the waves toss you about

Be done with the days

For they were done with you long ago

Just some distant land you didn’t know you had sold


Dry yourself with your hands

but know that it will take a while

So just lie in the sand and leave a print

worthy of my shore