Final Thoughts


When I think about the day my eyes close

and my last breath has made it’s way out

into the world

never to return again

I know that I’ll care nothing for all these clothes

and handbags

and lipstick

that never stood a chance to survive

in this mind

that calls out for a true life…

Morning Rituals


The key to having a good day is starting it right. I make sure I am always up an hour and a half before I leave for work. WHY am I so insane?

Because it actually keeps me sane. The working day has a habit of becoming an endless working week without the actually living your life part. I make sure I spend enough time in the morning paying attention to how I look and what I am eating. While I eat, I usually read a self-help book to give me some daily wisdom. I am currently reading Ekhart Toll’s A New Earth.¬†

Plan your work outfit!



This is coming from a girl who used to be a size 18 and is now a size 10. Losing weight is so hard, both mentally and physically. For years I hated shopping because I could never wear what I wanted to wear. Now I love clothes!

I’ve read countless self help books that state: the key to feeling good is looking good and finding your own style. I seem to be going for the 1950’s teacher look. I have all these pearl necklaces lying around and I never wear them. They really do change the nature of your look and make you feel a bit glamorous. ¬†Brands include: Zara, Valley Girl, Tokito & Forcast.