The Greatest Showman Film Review


Directed by Michael Gracey

Starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron & Zendaya

I stumbled upon some negative reviews before I had a chance to see this film. These reviews mostly criticised the storyline, not the music. I decided to give the film a chance. It was after viewing the film that I realized we must all judge films based on what we feel, rather than the opinion of others.

I can honestly say this was the most entertaining film I have seen all year. I was delighted every second and did not want it to end. Yes, the storyline is simple, but it is this uncomplicated nature, that makes it special. This film has a single message. It is a message that the film shouts loud and proud through music and plot. It does not require the nuances of subtlety to tell its audience a blatant truth: treat everyone with kindness no matter their differences.

I think these days we have come to expect too much from films. We expect to learn something through the experience of living through a character. This is a beautiful thing. However, sometimes it is nice to see a film embrace the bombastic nature of storytelling. To throw the message so forcibly in your face you find yourself out of your seat, dancing, fist pumping to the sky shouting, “This is me!”