You savoured my thirst

with a swollen kiss

and laid me to rest on sandpaper

My back peeled away

revealing the spineless flesh

that has made me Pinocchio’s heir

dangling on ancient strings


I was a liar from the start

before you were even ten feet away

walking the uneven path

eying me like a wolf

hiding in the skin of his young


And when you drifted away

you left a knotted puppet

tangled on a nameless beach

grinding her face into the sand



It’s hard to not feel jaded

you want to help

but can’t help

Because you’ve been told to be selfish

to care about your face

and your words

your things

how many things you have

and I know in the end it doesn’t matter


I know that what matters is your hand in mine



a smile

in a time where people cry


But people have always been crying


I think I am alone


I’m the jaded one

who cannot help

But the truth is more than this

I’m the bad guy

We are all the bad guys


And in that realization

further truth emerges

we must all be the good guy too


-Inspired by the latest Wonderwoman film & current world events