Dear Friend


You stand there

 I can see you waiting

You wish for me to say that I do not see

the glossy eyes and sunken cheeks

Years of pressure keeping you there

Sinking into the silk sheets

Your perfect bed of despair


I wish that I could stay

and melt the past away

but my fire cannot catch

that which does not exist

There is no wicker for this flame

no fuel to turn your demons to ash


Wade into the water of your tears

Let the waves toss you about

Be done with the days

For they were done with you long ago

Just some distant land you didn’t know you had sold


Dry yourself with your hands

but know that it will take a while

So just lie in the sand and leave a print

worthy of my shore

When the News comes on


When the News comes on

and they stare with bunny rabbit eyes

at the world falling apart

I dare them to run

right into the fire


Have they not entered already?

Have they not felt the burn-

-the melting of skin under shallow words of woe?

When they say that word

the one starting with a ‘T’

I sigh and make myself a cup of Tea

and I wade into the morning sun

soaking up the unburdened air 


A morning  without words to pave the way

One that does not promise a woeful day



The Mindful Eye


I saw the golden light

creep along the leaves

and I cried because it was so much bigger than beautiful

so much more than the prison of a word


And I cried for those who can not see it

for those who will never know

the way the light dances in different directions

a symphony that will never be seen again


how sad for them to have missed this

how wonderful for me to have seen

The Day


I sat upon a day

and the Dawn flinched at my weight

“How heavy you are my dear” it whispered

“Lay your burden onto me”


And so I breathed a sigh of relief

and gave birth to a terrible storm

The clouds circled, catching my cries

like a desperate child, seeking sustenance


And when it was finally over

my eyes skipped around wildly

Expecting to find the damage

and stumbling upon a rainbow



An Ode to Insecurity


Who am I

if I am no longer dominated

by the notion that I must fix god’s genetic mistake?


Who am I without the mission to mould me

into that which I would be proud to have made?


Who am I without the journey to unfold me?

To see the past as a living anguish that has been triumphed over

by that future woman

standing on her pedestal of contentment and admiration 


Spinning Compass


The gentle tapping of my feet

makes music a clairvoyant would struggle to hear

or see

For this path I walk hides secrets of my own making

the secret of not knowing

what turn I am taking

The plan has been lost

amongst burnt out papers

set fire to months ago

in a field of fake snow

and forgotten dreams  I had set to always linger

The ghost haunting eternally

The constant burglar

always taking

never giving

But never mind all that

for now I walk a path where Pirates cannot dwell

a spinning compass

course unknown

and yet I am all set to sail




A worthy palette


The magnificent aesthetic

does move back and forth

ebbing and flowing

like a song

and a dance

The droplets in my mind did drip the ails of time

and yet

I grasped the cloth of freedom

and wiped the wet away

How pristine it looks now


Oh the many things I can paint

on this bare



surface of mine

The potential for colour

ignites a feeling

a jolt

not felt in years

Oh how I thought those tears would drown me

Oh how I thought the years would end quickly

I thought my story was a purposeless palette

What a picture I have made now!

this movie

this song

projected on the cinema screen

And it does not matter anymore

if I’m the only one in line

if only one ticket is sold

It does not make my movie unworthy of Time’s reward

and it does not make my time wasted behind the camera







My top two tips for clear skin


So I’ve had really bad skin for years. I’m 26 years old and have never quite got over the bad skin phase of my teenage years. I’ve tried product after product with a varying array of results. My skin is quite good these days due to a few small things.

  1. Use Pore strips: I can’t swear by these things enough. Not only do you receive the satisfaction of seeing the blockage from your pores directly on the strip, but it immediately causes your skin to be more smooth. When I apply my make-up in the morning it goes on a lot smoother and looks less flakey. I recommend you buy the pack that has both the strips for your nose, forehead and chin.
  2. Quit Dairy: Listen, I was absolutely addicted to milk for years. I didn’t drink soft drink or juice. I drank milk. More than water even. When I moved to London for a stretch I lived with a really healthy roommate who convinced me that the hormones in dairy milk were causing me harm. After some research I made the decision to quit. After quitting I lost about 3 kilos and my skin greatly improved after about two weeks. I now drink Almond milk only.