Sand & Glass


It is not alright

that you are not okay

and when you cry you create oceans

that break against your face

The sound of the sea

surrounds your feet

and you worry about sinking

beneath all you can be

For you always saw

the glass in the sand

the potential to mould

and the will to bend

But it is not okay

that you bend for those

who threw you a stone

when you asked for a rose

Window Glitter


The way you walk

mirrors your talk;

a being dancing on window glitter.

Streams of light,

beaming gleefully at the end of a Spring day,

warming my feet

and lightly touching my sleeve.

But you are not real

my Springtime love,

who only exists in my waking dreams.

You are the shadow of the Sun,


floating through my fingers,


and yet unseen.