#creative writing, #poetry

I feel used



before I even had a voice

I let them trample about my soul

because it only knows quiet

and the shade of larger trees

I am the silent thinker

whose heart remains unbound

You cannot sense the weight and force

of this magnet that reels in

every horrible thing

you have to say

(or don’t say)

Words are wrapped in pristine paper

hiding what I

have the sight to see

Invisible gift wrap

addressed to me

or is this all



One Second Here


one second here

then gone in a flash

as strangers take one more breath than you will ever get to make


the television plug is pulled

right in the middle of some throwaway line

the light dimming

to the deepest black


it is a shade only seen once

at the end of walking

and talking

and breathless smiles

empty-full kisses

times of gratitude

and times of self pity


complicated to the final second

still trying to make meaning

where meaning can never be made


you walk on days like air walks on water

one second here

then gone in a flash





River of Wind


I walk down the river of wind

expecting to drown

and yet

I find myself being carried by the day

like an angel made from clouds

holding my hand

guiding me down the stream

I stop and rest

at the bed of the river

smelling flowers and weeds

beautiful and indistinguishable

and so I start to arrange them

into new forms

new combinations for the world to see