Final Thoughts


When I think about the day my eyes close

and my last breath has made it’s way out

into the world

never to return again

I know that I’ll care nothing for all these clothes

and handbags

and lipstick

that never stood a chance to survive

in this mind

that calls out for a true life…

Bone Density


I think for a minute

about the shapes that turn to matter

in the pit of every bone

weighing me down

becoming my prison home

“Is this the cost of living?”

I ask

as I stare down the aisles

of my supermarket mind

tearing every box

from every shelf

laughing maniacally

forgetting time…

Angel Spells


I am the peace

the gentle wave of silent days

that linger

after winds have worn me away


I cry

for the tired words from tired women

who will run to their graves

staring in the mirror


I cast you out!

like a spell

stolen from an angel

who fell

when God suggested her shine

did not shine as bright

as all the other stars at night


and I thank her for her wings

without contemplating the colour

or shape

or age…


-or how far they will take me..

Sand and Stones



I put you onto paper

because my mind cannot fold

into that which makes glass into sand

I ask you not to kill me slowly

with kindness

etched in-between the stones

hidden beneath a stare

that says so much

breaking my skin

down to the bone

You see…

I am exposed

so be done with me quickly

let the delicate transparent glass

shatter into two even parts

One made from tomorrow

and one from yesterday

so all that remains

is a silent now

floating upwards

out of view

and I may rest


away from those

seeking sand to run along