The Scam

#creative writing, #poetry

How could you be so cruel?

when you took my money

and my kindness

You let me say ‘thank you’

over and over again

and never gave

a hint of guilt

as your words fell

on fragile ears


You probably thought

how stupid she is

this gullible



miserable creature

giving all she had

and all her mother had


Taken by the very hand

she made

when you made me lie

straight to her face


You made me a fool

sitting on a fence

one gust of wind away

from falling into the abyss

the one

I’ve fought

so long to resist


You didn’t even hesitate

when you took it all away

and I am so angry

at you

at me

at every branch

on this pathetic tree


Roots dig deep

locking me in place

this self-loathing hell

I’ve tried so hard to escape


and so


You might have won today

but you will not win my world

for tomorrow belongs to me

this girl

who is more

than fear and her tears




#creative writing, #poetry

I am deep

so be careful

you might fall straight through me

splitting me in two


new pieces

arguing with each-other

not realising

they are on the same side


I talk

and you call me Dr Phil

I laugh

but know inside that you are right

to some degree


what is wrong with wisdom

living in a girl

not yet thirty?


I like to read

and know

more than what

I’ve been trained to understand


so stand with me

and watch as I knit

myself back together

with your hands