#creative writing, #poetry

I am deep

so be careful

you might fall straight through me

splitting me in two


new pieces

arguing with each-other

not realising

they are on the same side


I talk

and you call me Dr Phil

I laugh

but know inside that you are right

to some degree


what is wrong with wisdom

living in a girl

not yet thirty?


I like to read

and know

more than what

I’ve been trained to understand


so stand with me

and watch as I knit

myself back together

with your hands



#creative writing, #poetry

I sit in a new year

black coffee

in my Koala coffee cup

I learnt French for an hour

and am living in the decision

to be more than the wasted year before


I exist

one step away from the next

as though every day

could be tracked on a scorecard


Do you ever get tired of trying to win

this game you entered without reading the rules?


Do you ever just want to lie on the floor

of some shopping mall

and watch the surprised eyes

as though this were

the only action

that could bring you

face to face with your soul?



#creative writing, #poetry

My body will always be

better than her

and worse than them

like the clothes in store windows

that are just so much more

than the ones worn once

wasting away in my closet


This is our disease

our collective noun





spend until your soul is dry

and your hands are always thirsty for the feel of something new



and suddenly yours

owned by the conceptual stamp

sold to you in the pursuit of joy


But with every disease

lies the cure of old

many have glimpsed

in the stillness

between one purchase and the next


The need to be

instead of to buy

to sit in what you have


and content