Be Happy

#creative writing, #poetry

Be happy

even when you’re so sad

a smile feels like climbing a mountain

on a stormy day

Be happy

when the winds are so strong

your face becomes ice

and your arms flap wildly about

unable to tether you

Be happy

for the sake of tomorrow

when the sun will surely shine again

Be happy

when the rain retreats

so that you are stronger

when it returns again



#creative writing, #poetry

We all have those moments

and I can’t promise they will ever go away

those moments we look in the mirror and say

things we would never whisper

to our closest of friends

We see so much wrong

and our insides curl up

further into themselves

like a wet towel

twisting until dry

But it’s ok

because moments pass

in the time it takes

for a Barista to make your morning Long Black

and perhaps you simply confused

one kind of exhaustion for the other


Hammond St

#creative writing, #poetry

I stop on the corner of Hammond

and see a house covered in leaves



and old trees

My phone rings

and it is my sister

offering a lift to Burwood Station

as though a car could ever replace

the beauty of this day

and the way my legs stretch

along every surface

of these empty suburban streets

6am on a Sunday




#creative writing, #poetry

I feel used



before I even had a voice

I let them trample about my soul

because it only knows quiet

and the shade of larger trees

I am the silent thinker

whose heart remains unbound

You cannot sense the weight and force

of this magnet that reels in

every horrible thing

you have to say

(or don’t say)

Words are wrapped in pristine paper

hiding what I

have the sight to see

Invisible gift wrap

addressed to me

or is this all