If my life is one for dropping

in and out

of other lives

then so be it.

Let me be a fly on the wall

collecting scraps

when necessary

bathing in all

that was meant for someone else.

I am a consumer of life

and an observer of days

I watch the way mouths rise and fall

upon the words

of another’s lips.

I sip coffee

and lounge in the taste

as though it was created

with my palette in mind.

When my feet occupy space

time steps out of the way

making room for me to see

the way my shadow

makes shapes

against the invading sun.

The wind knows better

than to keep itself at bay

it greets me with an overwhelming hello

and sometimes

a long


tearful goodbye.

Nostalgia settles in my bones now

and I float

upon a carpet of laughter and cries

that make the best of days

and the worst of days

a beautiful dream

I’ll never taste again


-Life artist

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