Cherish me like a firecracker

one spark and I’ll explode

shards of me lighting up your sky

like a distant rainbow

long-forgotten in an ancient fairy tale


Oh how the magical creatures would dance!

Weightless feet on undisturbed leaves

Olive green trees on the stumps of red oak-

Bleeding sap making tears of their own

My story is not a one so unique

that you should turn away from me


Tis an old tale in a modern world

where skyscrapers do scrape the sky away

And me,

too loud

too colourful

too many shapes and patterns you cannot name

Dance with me, be my fairy prince

Walk a weightless walk

Dive into a dreamless sleep

Bathe in the falling olive green leaves

Ignore the red tears that trail the trees


The path that lay beneath your feet

is one of cinder now

the clock struck midnight

and the owls came out

Another page in my ancient book


No more colour to light the sky

No more rainbow to pave your way

You called Time a clock

but it is just Time’s tool

And I’ll wait for you at the top of the steps

shoe-less and in rags









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