My top two tips for clear skin


So I’ve had really bad skin for years. I’m 26 years old and have never quite got over the bad skin phase of my teenage years. I’ve tried product after product with a varying array of results. My skin is quite good these days due to a few small things.

  1. Use Pore strips: I can’t swear by these things enough. Not only do you receive the satisfaction of seeing the blockage from your pores directly on the strip, but it immediately causes your skin to be more smooth. When I apply my make-up in the morning it goes on a lot smoother and looks less flakey. I recommend you buy the pack that has both the strips for your nose, forehead and chin.
  2. Quit Dairy: Listen, I was absolutely addicted to milk for years. I didn’t drink soft drink or juice. I drank milk. More than water even. When I moved to London for a stretch I lived with a really healthy roommate who convinced me that the hormones in dairy milk were causing me harm. After some research I made the decision to quit. After quitting I lost about 3 kilos and my skin greatly improved after about two weeks. I now drink Almond milk only.

2 thoughts on “My top two tips for clear skin

  1. Really great tips. Limiting dairy really helps with clearing my skin! It’s a bit hard to quit it though since I’m becoming a Pastry Chef and can’t remember the last time making something without butter or any type of dairy. ❤


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